About Audible Genius

Audible Genius is a COMPANY. A company is a group of PEOPLE. People are bipedal primates, that evolved from the ancient ape, much like present-day MONKEYS. Monkeys are funny creatures that swing around and eat BANANAS. And bananas, are delicious.

company people monkeys bananas

Ergo, Audible Genius is delicious.

And we don’t need the above company -> people -> monkeys -> bananas line of logic to prove it.
We have two other reasons:

syntorial icon1

First, before Audible Genius made AudibleGenius.com, Audible Genius made Syntorial. “What is Syntorial?” Well climb out from under that rock you’ve been living under and we’ll tell you. It’s award winning software that teaches you how to design sounds on a synthesizer. In a word, DELICIOUS. Taste it here.

Audible Genius Logo Without Text White

Second, we took the same delicious interactive approach from Syntorial, and applied it to the aptly-named and mega-fancy web app, Audible Genius. Which means we’ve made TWO delicious things. That’s a pattern. A pattern of DELICIOUSNESS.

Maybe you’re rolling your eyes. Maybe you’re saying “If you say delicious again, I will unplug my computer and throw it against the wall.” To which we say “Chill out. Maybe drink less coffee.”

And if this imaginary conversation were to continue you’d probably say “Don’t judge me”. To which we would have to respond “Whatever, don’t be so sensitive.” #judgedtwice

bananas monkeys people

Now if we go back a few steps from BANANAS to MONKEYS and then stop at PEOPLE, we get to the heart of the thing. The SOUL of Audible Genius. Not WHAT is Audible Genius, but WHO is Audible Genius. Here’s who:

The main guy, the wizard behind the curtain, is Joe Hanley. Joe Hanley is typing this. Joe Hanley is trying to be descriptive of himself without stroking his ego. He’s already failed at this, thanks to the previous “wizard behind the curtain” comment. So he’s going to start over in the next paragraph.

joe hanley creator profile

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armaan bivigi composer

The man behind the music. Creator of beats, composer of music. If you can’t help but love the songs that you’re recreating in the lessons, you have Armaan to thank for that.

laszlo nagy graphic designer

The brilliant graphic designer behind this Tron-like masterpiece. He’s a giver of eye candy. You can’t stop yourself from sucking on Audible Genius with your eyes. Thank Laszlo for that.

peter hanley developer

A veteran dev in his prime. Coding since the 80’s. Brings in much needed coding firepower to help usher the ideas of Audible Genius from a twinkle in our collective eye to your undulating computer monitor.

tim hanley developer

A front end master that helped build this beautiful site. With eyes as sharp as lasers, not a pixel hath gone unplaced. Every click henceforth shall function as the faithful user desires. The GUI shan’t have a single blemish. Thank you Tim.

maria ruiz everything else

The wearer of many hats. The doer of many jobs. Social media manager, customer service agent, assistant, translator. We could go on. We should go on. But we shan’t.

red rhino video production

Masterminds behind our video design. Beautiful graphics, dazzling intros, and fancy call outs. Led by Christopher Frendo. An amazing feat, especially considering Rhinos don’t have fingers, let alone the ability to operate a computer.

The sounds and instruments used in the Audible Genius studio and lessons are built with a combination of real-time synthesis, and samples provided by:

aas logo1
Logo best service white1
GG Audio logo

And that’s it. Are you still reading this? Seriously? Get a hobby.