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Know your EDM: Progressive House

Hard but tuneful, banging but thoughtful—Progressive House is a new breed of music that focuses on melodies and chords. During the early 1990s, the sound of rave dominated the club scene until progressive house was born. It was once considered …

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Demystifying 7th Chords: A Simple Guide

7th chords might seem like a complex term reserved for experienced musicians, but it’s actually a simple concept that can enrich your music’s harmony. Let’s break it down into digestible sections to understand what 7th chords are, how they’re constructed, …

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Writing a Multi-Pitch Bassline: A Guide for Musicians

Introduction to Multi-Pitch Basslines Multi-pitch basslines can take a rhythmically solid bassline and make it harmonically interesting, weaving it into the overlying chords and melody. This guide will explore the art of crafting effective multi-pitch basslines, providing practical tips and …

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