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“I’ve learned more from Audible Genius Building Blocks than in “higher education”.” ‎ LeRoy W – NYC Conservatory Graduate

“Building Blocks is The Magic Way To Learn Music Theory and Beatmaking, Right From a Music Making Software (DAW)”

  • 10x Your Ability to Recreate Any Music You Hear – Master music composition with a revolutionary ear-training-first learning experience – and innovate music on the fly.
  • The Most Effective Way To Learn Music Theory And Composition – Replace the chaos of disjointed YouTube tutorials and trial-and-error practice with a fully cohesive, learn-by-doing interactive path.
  • Compose Original Music with Confidence – Progress through hands-on lessons that culminate in creating your own original tracks, ready to export to any music software (DAW).
  • Made for The Computer Musician – Stop learning theory on the music staff and learn it by applying it directly in modern computer-based music creation.
  • Develop Your Ear First – Every concept is paired with interactive ear training, allowing you to easily translate everything you learn into actual music.
  • Immediate Practical Application – Jump straight into using what you learn with real-time music creation that mirrors professional scenarios.
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Applicable to any music making software:

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Your Music Composition Learning Path

Video Game Style.

Immerse yourself in an engaging educational journey through a fully interactive online music studio where you compose original beats as you go.

Unlike a series of videos,  you’ll learn by doing through interactive ear training challenges. Recreate hidden drum patterns, basslines, chord progressions, and melodies all by ear.

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Building Blocks combines music theory, ear training, and DAW fundamentals into a fully seamless experience we call Beat Composition.

Say goodbye to the chaotic pinball machine of disjointed YouTube videos, courses, and trial-and-error practice. Say hello to Building Blocks.

“Building Blocks is amazing. For some reason, foundational music knowledge is ridiculously hard to search for and parse and this has REALLY helped me.”

Testimonials Adam W
Adam W.

Build A Foundational, Lifelong Understanding Of Software-Based Music Composition

Whether you’re picking up music software for the first time or revisiting the fundamentals, Building Blocks is the best way to jumpstart your music journey.


Use velocity to make your drums bounce and come to life.
Create drum patterns with various feels and tempos, utilizing multiple types of drums.
Write Bass rhythms that feel great with the Drums, and set up a strong rhythmic foundation for your songs.


Create chord progressions of varying complexity and tonalities (moods).
Utilize voice leading to create more polished and less amateur-sounding chord progressions.
Arpeggiate chords for both linear harmonic movement and as a bridge to writing melodies that flow with your chord progressions.


Create expressive melodies that connect to your listeners by utilizing the phrasing of human speech.
Translate to real life the notes you hear in your head with your newly-trained ear.
Figure out the notes behind your favorite music.


Master the universal Piano Roll, the note-editing interface used in today’s most popular music software.
Build an intuitive understanding of core music theory elements like rhythm, pitch, scales, tonality, tempo, beat divisions, and more.
Turn your universal grid-based understanding of music theory into a jumping-off point to venture into non-software environments like instruments and voice.
Testimonials Jordan R
Jordan R.

“This course has been a game changer for me. I’ve played music for years and have a very good understanding of theory, but this course has filled in the “hidden gaps” for me that I sometimes knew I had and sometimes didn’t even know existed.

Watch This Quick Walkthrough Below To See Building Blocks In Action:

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What Will I Get With Building Blocks?

Building Blocks 1


Learn how to write drum patterns, basslines, and chords in a software studio environment, using modernized music theory and ear training.

~30 hours of training
90 lessons
83 videos
81 challenges
9 quizzes
Create 54 original beats
All Course Details

Building Blocks 2

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Continue from Building Blocks 1, and learn how to write melodies, dig deeper into chord progressions and inversions, expand the drums, and more.

~35 hours of training
107 lessons
99 videos
98 challenges
9 quizzes
Create 69 original beats
All Course Details

4 More Reasons Why Building Blocks Is So Effective

With Building Blocks, we’ve thrown out the traditional music theory rule book and created a new Innovative approach For Software-based musicians.

1. Music Theory For 2024

With Building Blocks, we’ve thrown out the traditional music theory rule book and created a new interactive approach that’s tailored to the needs of software-based musicians.

Traditional music theory takes place in the centuries-old music staff and is loaded with information that doesn’t always apply to a DAW environment. So Building Blocks takes a streamlined need-to-know approach, removing the music staff and replacing it with the Piano Roll.

Learning music theory in the Piano Roll is crucial for DAW-based musicians. The Piano Roll is a note-editing interface found in today’s most popular DAWs. So you’ll be learning in an environment that you can actually use to create music in your every-day music-making process.

Learn more about Building Blocks’ unique approach to teaching music theory.

2. Based on Ear Training

Unlike other music production courses, Building Blocks is more than just a series of videos. In almost every lesson, you’ll encounter an interactive ear training challenge that takes place in our online music production studio.

You’ll recreate hidden drum patterns, basslines, chord progressions, and melodies by ear. Every time you place a note correctly, your ear will get a little bit stronger. And eventually, you’ll be able to start creating the music you hear and feel.

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3. Create Original Music While You Learn

Throughout this online music composition course, you’ll be writing your own original music in our online music production studio. Every few lessons, you’ll be prompted to take what you’ve learned and write a drum pattern, bassline, chord progression, or melody. Sometimes you’ll be asked to write them together, or create a full beat from scratch.

By the end of Building Blocks, you’ll have plenty of original music to jump-start new songs. And our MIDI Export feature will make it easier for you to transfer your music from Building Blocks to your DAW-of-choice.

4. Runs In Your Browser

Running Building Blocks is as easy as opening a browser tab. No need to download and install software, begin composing music instantly from any computer with internet access.

Always access the latest version of the course: we are continuously improving the software, and the upgrades are rolled out seamlessly without your intervention.

Building Blocks Course In a Browser

Building Blocks is really helping me to understand better music theory, specially training my ear to understand the music better. I never saw a course so well planned as this.

Testimonials Rafael B
Rafael B.

An Award-Winning Method

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From The Creators of The Leading Learn-By-Ear Synthesizer Course

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The Building Blocks online music production course is brought to you by Audible Genius, the creators of Syntorial. Syntorial is an award-winning synthesizer training app.

Syntorial has become the go-to method for learning how to design sounds with a synthesizer. With Building Blocks, we’ve taken the same interactive ear-focused approach and brought it into the world of composition.

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For Beginners And Pros Alike…

Who is Building Blocks Designed For?

1. Beginners: You have a passion for music composition and production but don’t know where to start.

2. Hobbyists: You’ve been dabbling in music production for the last several years, maybe you’re an artist or someone who has a passion for music!

3. Intermediate & Advanced Musicians: You’ve been composing and producing music for years, and you’re always working towards improving the sound of your tracks – you’re looking to fill in the gaps and strengthen your ear.

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All For The Price Of 2~3 Hours of Music Lessons:

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Pay Once, Use It Forever

Like keeping what you pay for? Pay once and unlock lifetime full access to Building Blocks to learn new lessons or refresh your skills, whenever you like, for all eternity.



Lifetime, unlimited access to Building Blocks
Take your time, and revisit topics when rusty

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Don’t Take Our Word For It, Here’s What Other Aspiring Musicians Are Saying…

1,000+ Ratings

“I played music when I was younger but I never understood much about theory. After trying a few different theory courses as an adult, Building Blocks is the first one to explain theory in an intuitive way with plenty of practice to make it second nature.”

Testimonials Matt P
Matt P

“I love Building Blocks 1. After the Logic Pro 10.5 update, the step sequencer and BB1’s UI looks similar, which makes it easy for me to sequence beats in the Step sequencer of my DAW. Thank you, Audible Genius for including the lifetime purchase bundle… ”

Testimonials Tarun

“This is possibly the most engaging and fun way to learn music theory that I have been able to find on the internet. I have been struggling with ADHD since I was a teenager and I can confidently say that this program caters exactly to my learning style. I am currently a trial but I will definitely be buying this AND syntorial together as I believe they will be invaluable for my career as an amateur beatmaker.”

Testimonials Alex R
Alex R

Plus Our 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee Fully protects you

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Use it to make tons of radio-worthy beats, chord progressions & melodies…

Get inspiration & finish more music…

And then, if you’re not absolutely blown away with your progress.

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Most Frequent Questions

Yes. For 3 reasons:

  1. Our users say so. Check out these testimonials.
  2. With Building Blocks you’re not simply buying an app, you’re also buying a ton of content. You get 182 videos, 179 challenges, and ~50 hours worth of training. Not to mention an amazing interactive experience that takes all of that content and surgically weaves it into your hungry, music-addled brain.
  3. With one Building Blocks level, you get about ~25 hours of training (depending on your pace). For 10% of the price of equivalent collective music classes!

Absolutely. Schools and organizations looking for multiple licenses, contact us for special pricing.

Yes. Students and teachers looking to buy an individual license for themselves qualify for a 40% educational discount. Contact us to apply.

Yes. We’ve partnered with the Able Artist Foundation to offer a 50% discount to creative people with disabilities who are on fixed incomes. Learn more at

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